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Краткая записка о задачах вулканологической экспедиции на Камчатку

Левинсон-Лессинг Ф.Ю. (1929) Краткая записка о задачах вулканологической экспедиции на Камчатку // Бюллетень Тихоокеанского комитета АН СССР. Ленинград. № 2. С. 20-24.


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Abstract (translation)

One of the chiefest objects of the Kamchatka expedition is the solution of volcanological problems. Besides detailed accounts of both active and extinct volcanoes and of the types of their activity, these problems comprise first of all the study of gaseous products of eruptions. With regards to one of the fundamental questions of volcanic phenomena, namely the origin of water and its part in eruptions, there still exist serious disagreements. Lately were brought forward new data endeavouring to attack the sequence of fumarol emanations which had been established by St. Claire Deville and Fouque. We do not know yet whether the gases produced by every volcano are of permanent character or they may be subject to gradual changes. Our knowledge is still far too incomplete to form a definite judgement on the so called protopneumatolitic action of such gases, on heavy metals and rare gases which they contain. All these questions need not only laboratory investigation, i. e. the organization of temporary laboratories, but also systematical observation and research work which has to be carried on repeatedly. This is the reason why in planning the Kamchatka volcanological expedition, we think it might be expedient to foresee the necessity of the foundation in Kamchatka of a permanent volcanological observatory, similar to the already existing laboratories on Vesuvius, Etna and Kilauea. The petrographical study of the lavas of Kamchatka may prove useful and yield interesting data dealing with the problem of the so called Pacific province, in so far as we apparently meet here with representatives of the so called Pacific and Atlantic provinces; this fact witnesses once more the inconsistency of our knowledge of these universal provinces.
Item Type: Article
Title: Краткая записка о задачах вулканологической экспедиции на Камчатку
Language: Russian
Journal or Publication Title: Бюллетень Тихоокеанского комитета АН СССР
Subjects: State scientific and technical information rubricator (ГРНТИ) > 38 ГЕОЛОГИЯ > 38.01 Общие вопросы геологии > 38.01.21 Организация научно-исследовательских работ, деятельность научных учреждений, научные экспедиции, командировки и экскурсии
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