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Long-lived Volcanic Centers of Kamchatka Geothermal Areas

Belousov Vladimir, Belousova Irina, Khubaeva Olga (2020) Long-lived Volcanic Centers of Kamchatka Geothermal Areas // World Geothermal Congress 2020+1. Reykjavik, Iceland. С. 1-8.

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The current problems of hydrothermal processes and ore-forming systems are volcanic heat sources and mechanisms of heat transfer. In Pauzhetsky, Semyachik and Mutnovsky geothermal areas in Kamchatka, active long-lived volcanic centers have been studied, with which high-temperature hydrothermal systems are associated. In the Banno-Paratunsky geothermal area the Paleogene and Neogene long-lived volcanic centers were identified, with which low-temperature hydrothermal systems are associated. The geological history of the long-lived volcanic centers development is characterized by changes in their structure as a result of hydrothermal-magmatic activity. These changes are manifested in the generation and evolution of magma chambers in the mantle and in the Earth’s crust. Basalt melts of the mantle chambers transport the deep heat to the Earth’s surface through plane magmatic channels without significant losses. The heat flow of these volcanic centers is short-lived and is characterized by a significant capacity of ~8,000 kcal/km2s. The long-lived volcanic centers are characterized by the presence of magma chambers in the Earth's crust. They shield the part of the mantle heat flow. Their thermal capacity on the Earth's surface is estimated from 1000 kcal/km2s to 5000 kcal/km2s. It is assumed that a significant amount of thermal energy is retained in the long-lived volcanic centers. It is spent on formation and activity of the chambers as well as the convective hydrothermal ore-forming systems. The evolution of such centers is accompanied by the formation of complexes of metamorphic rocks which interaction with high-temperature mantle melts is accompanied by redox reactions like combustion. As a result of these reactions, thermal energy is produced in such magma chambers. A long-lived jet magmatic system is formed, and it provides the transfer of mantle heat. Heat transfer in the system is accompanied by minimization of heat losses, accumulation of heat and its additional generation which is necessary for the heat transfer in the structures with low thermal conductivity. The formation, evolution and extinction of magma chambers and reservoirs in such heat-conducting structures are controlled by the thermophysical properties of the rocks, their geological structure and redox processes in them.
Item Type: Article conference proceedings
Title: Long-lived Volcanic Centers of Kamchatka Geothermal Areas
Title (translation): Долгоживущие вулканические центры геотермальных районов Камчатки
Language: Russian
Journal or Publication Title: World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
Uncontrolled Keywords: long-lived volcanic centers, geothermal areas, eruption centers, magma chambers, abnormal heat fluxes, upper mantle,accumulation of thermal energy, heat losses
Subjects: Volcanoes > 1 Volcanoes of the Kurile-Kamchatka Region > 1.1 Kamchatka > Maly Semyachik
Volcanoes > 1 Volcanoes of the Kurile-Kamchatka Region > 1.1 Kamchatka > Mutnovsky
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