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Origin of scatter in paleomagnetic directions of samples from Gorely Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia

Riley Colleen (1994) Origin of scatter in paleomagnetic directions of samples from Gorely Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia геол.-мин. наук. Western Washington University: Western Washington University. 70 p.

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Lava flows from sixteen sites at Gorely Volcano, Kamchatka were sampled. Initial analysis showed high within-site scatter for NRM specimen directions. Alternating field and thermal demagnetization of specimens showed single-component magnetization indicating that specimens had not moved or were not exposed to changes in the magnetic field during acquisition of a magnetic direction. Scatter is thought to be either due to movement of the specimen with respect to the magnetic field or change in the magnetic field with respect to the specimen. Four factors were found that would contribute to scatter in specimen directions. These are 1) cooling rate, 2) range of unblocking temperatures, 3) relative time of emplacement, and 4) how the specimen moved or was affected by changes in the magnetic field. Only two sites showed that scatter was due to movement of the specimen. It appears that scatter in other sites resulted from changes in the magnetic field generated from a magma-induced electrical current due to lava flowing in the earth’s magnetic field. These changes in the magnetic field are shown to have more affect on material sampled at the surface than on material sampled at depth because massive interiors of flows showed less dispersion in specimen directions than levees or pull-aparts.
Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Title: Origin of scatter in paleomagnetic directions of samples from Gorely Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia
Title (translation): Происхождение разброса палеомагнитных направлений образцов с вулкана Горелый, Камчатка, Россия
Language: English
Uncontrolled Keywords: Kamchatka, Gorely Volcano, paleomagnetism, lava flow
Subjects: State scientific and technical information rubricator (ГРНТИ) > 37 ГЕОФИЗИКА > 37.15 Геомагнетизм и высокие слои атмосферы > 37.15.31 Постоянное геомагнитное поле и вековые вариации
State scientific and technical information rubricator (ГРНТИ) > 38 ГЕОЛОГИЯ > 38.19 Геолого-геофизические исследования глубинного строения Земли > 38.19.27 Палеомагнетизм
State scientific and technical information rubricator (ГРНТИ) > 38 ГЕОЛОГИЯ > 38.37 Петрография > 38.37.15 Физические свойства горных пород
State scientific and technical information rubricator (ГРНТИ) > 38 ГЕОЛОГИЯ > 38.37 Петрография > 38.37.19 Магматизм и магматические горные породы
Volcanoes > 1 Volcanoes of the Kurile-Kamchatka Region > _ Volcanoes of Kurile-Kamchatka Region
Volcanoes > 1 Volcanoes of the Kurile-Kamchatka Region > 1.1 Kamchatka > Gorely
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Additional Information: Эта студенческая дипломная работа основана на материале палеомагнитного изучения голоценовых лавовых потоков вулкана Горелый в 1991 г. на Камчатке сотрудником Western Washington University (США) Russell F. Burmester. Бумажная копия этой работы хранится в библиотеке ИВиС.
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